Raising little citizens of the world...
one experience at a time.


I'm Iliah Grant-Altoro:

...also known as Negra Bohemian: a free spirit redefining motherhood through a socially conscious, faith-led and wandering lifestyle. 


My story

I am a mother, feminist, social activist wife and follower of Christ. Learning, teaching and traveling has been part of my life for years and I feel blessed to share it with my three children, all of whom got their first passports as infants:

  1. My oldest daughter, Amaris, 11-years-old.

  2. Her younger sister, Ariela, 9-years-old.

  3. My youngest, and son, Nasir, 4-years-old.

I have always been a maverick, choosing to not fit into the limited boxes that others set before me—I constantly carve out my own path to follow.

Global curiosity and activism were imparted to me at an early age by my grandfather; he gave me books to read, globes and maps to study, while demanding that I ask hard questions and seek their answers. He taught me to feel deep empathy to oppressed people in all parts of the world, and to always live my truths even when they are misunderstood by others. 

I worked in elementary education for six years in varying roles and now teach lessons to my children at home and around the world as a "stay at home mom" (or more accurately, a "Travel the World on a Budget Mom").  

Despite warnings that motherhood would alter my travel lifestyle, and cultural and religious pressures to “settle down,” I was able to refine motherhood for myself and create a life that works for us. One that includes travel and one that allows my children to learn and grow from global experiences. I have spent over a decade traveling to over 30 countries on five continents with my three children, and also engaging in the rich cultural diversity that exists in our own community.


My Mission

We are a bilingual, multicultural and multiethnic family that promotes self love, global understanding, social activism, adventure and creative expression through decolonized Christian faith. 

Negra Bohemian's mission is to showcase authentic family travel on a budget in hopes to inspire other families to trust their children's learning capabilities and expand their minds with cultural experience, international exposure and never-ending curiosity. 

Dear mothers: Carve your own path; be free like the wind... and take your children along for the ride!

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. To keep our faces toward change and behave like free spirits in the presence of fate is strength undefeatable.
— Helen Keller

Things You'll love about this blog:

  • We are a family and love sharing authentic family life.

  • We are not afraid to ask questions!

  • We value culture, justice and equality.

  • We are always learning.

  • Negra Bohemian showcases realistic, budget-friendly travel for the modern family.

  • We go beyond visiting touristic sites -- we are all about local experiences!

  • We are open and honest. Share with us.