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Negra Bohemian is redefining motherhood

Negra Bohemian inspires families, single mothers and mothers-to-be to expose their family to international travel more often. My "American Dream" is to get more global experiences because I believe travel helps us grow and unite beyond borders.

Just as we grow as humans, this blog grows along with me: in 2012 I won the Tea Collection's Globetrotting Mom Award, and have since been featured on Instagram takeovers, Humans of Minneapolis, and leading travel platforms.

My audience includes: Women, mothers and WOC (ages 25-45)

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When visiting a new country or city, it is [Iliah’s] goal to learn how the locals live and to embrace the culture with her children whole-heartedly. She is not afraid to ask questions, share herself, and to really empathize with each person she meets.
— Karen & Stella (Tea Collection's "Globetrotter Award" Judges)