sister love, it is the sweetest kind.

there's nothing like having a good sister.

or in my case, sister(s) as i have four of them.

since traveling the past few months, i've become even more grateful for the sisters that i have- even you, bratty bina! my sisters and i all have very distinct, very different personalities, and some of us fought when we were younger -who doesn't fight with their siblings-  but i know that i can depend on them for anything. and they are the BEST aunts ever. hands down.

i'm especially close to my sister sabrina. maybe because we're only 13 months apart, or our dependency on each other during childhood trauma. either way, she's one of the best friends i've ever had. she's loyal, trustworthy, dependable, beautiful and able to keep secrets; she always has my best interests in mind and never tears me down to make her self look better. i know that i can call on her during anytime of need and she will be there.

i want this same bond for ama and lili.

circa 2010

one of the great things about traveling, is that outside of friends we meet along the way, the girls only have each other to play with. it's times like these when memories are being made and permanent bonds form. and when lili's not taking something from ama, or ama's not in lili's face screaming, they actually are the best of friends!

i love to sit back and watch them play dress up or make-believe.

their latest craze: playing fashion show together. they take all the clothes out of our backpack (guess who has to repack everything...), dress each other up, use crayons to "do" each other's make-up and then strut down a fake catwalk using british accents. one day i'll have to post of video of lili saying, "how do i look, darling?" in her version of an english accent! it's hilarious.

i also love when we're out and about, they'll grab hands to search for adventures together...

i was extremely stressed out when i found out that i was pregnant with lili, and now i wouldn't have it any other way. i can't imagine ama not having her sister to play with; good thing God knows better than we do! 

most days, there's a lot more yelling and fighting going on rather than love-filled play. but one day they'll sit back and laugh about all the screaming that took place over who took whose necklace!

if you're the mother of daughters, teach them to love each other- it's not a given that they'll grow up with healthy relationships. i know of one too many sister relationships that are filled with hatred, contempt and jealousy; sisters trying to out do the next and tearing each other apart.

these same women also have broken relationships with their nieces and nephews. 

if you're out there and you haven't spoken to your sister in while for whatever reason, go reach out to her today.

life's too short to hold bitterness and contempt. 

maybe you have a broken relationship with your sister and tried to reach out to her to no avail, just surround your self with beautiful girlfriends who are like sisters, and always be willing to extend forgivingness to your own.

it's never too late to form a sister bond.

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