Another Chill Day in Malacca

yes, we're STILL here!

the girls LOVE malacca and ringo's soo much- it's been hard to pull them away! i've told you before, this town is enchanting.

we REALLY need to get to moving SOON, though. i said that we'll leave tomorrow, and now we may wait until friday as i'm trying to decide where we'll go next.

our friend silvia invited us to join her in sumatra, which would be AMAZING!!!

there's a ferry from malacca to sumatra that leaves daily, and the ride is a little less than two hours. but after the ferry ride there would be a long bus ride to reach the capital, which i know the girls can do, but the question is if i want them to. hmmm.

sumatra would be beautiful and exciting, plus it would be great to spend more time with our new friend. the only problem would be backtracking to the coast for the ferry, only to have a long train ride back to bangkok.

the other option is to return back to thailand and hang out at the beach for a week or two, then go on to cambodia. i wanted to try to make it to vietnam also, but we really won't have the time...or the money. we eventually HAVE to get back to bangkok because we have suitcases there, so it may just be easier to start trekking back that way.

what do you guys think? sumatra or thailand/cambodia?

i seriously need some advice ASAP!!!

i would love to be in asia a bit longer, but i promised jossue that we would come home around the second week in january. and since i've kept his princesses away from him for almost four months, i really wouldn't ask for anything more.

we don't have return tickets to back to the states just yet, but we're aiming for some time in january. our departure will be bitter sweet; we love traveling, meeting new people and exploring new cultures, but we also miss our friends and family back home.

lili has been asking for her papi a lot the past couple of weeks.

i told myself that if the girls started to miss home too much, we'd leave. it's not that they're not having a great time, but they also miss their daddy. at night lili's been saying, "i miss papi. i want to hug him and give him besos. i want to go to the beach with him and i want him to tickle my feet..." sweetness.

thanks, jossue, for supporting our trip, sending us cash when we were running low and spending the holidays without the girls.

you're a rockstar.

the girls have moved on a bit from "kung fu panda" at breakfast; their current obsession: "monsters inc." i'm sure the entire hostel is excited for the change!

i don't think any of them have watched this many children's movies in their lives!

yesterday we stayed in for the morning until late in the afternoon to avoid the sun...and then pouring rain. we were able to spend some time walking around chinatown again- the girls got ice cream, talked to people on the streets and played at a little park.

sorry for the boring post, it's late over this way...

remember to share any advice on where the girls and i should go next!

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