don't worry, this post won't leave your hearts aching for me....

thank you to everyone who reached out to me with their love and support after the post the other day- it means a lot.

i told myself that if i ever started a blog, i would be transparent with every aspect of my life: the exciting and mundane, the good and the bad.

a reality of life is that at times it may be full of thrilling adventures and exciting surroundings, and at other times it may be drenched in sorrow.

i think it's easy on blogs or Facebook to get the impression that everything is always unicorns and rainbows in someone's life. you catch a glimpse online and think, "i wish my life was like ______'s" and many times we are only seeing things in part. 

i've always considered myself an honest person, and felt like i had to share where i was that day, believing that even my brokenness can be an inspiration to others. being that vulnerable was not easy, but necessary indeed.

through all my current trials there is still so much joy in my life! i have two amazing daughters, great friends, the opportunity to enjoy seeing the world- i am blessed even in my bareness!

i do need many prayers for what's ahead of me - so send them my way!

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