i know, it's been awhile...

hello, world.

i know, i haven't blogged since december.

as many of you now know, the girls and i decided to leave asia on a whim and return home in time for christmas. i never expected to return home early, but when you live life blowin' with the wind, you go where the wind tells you to.

as most of you may remember, i was trying to decide if we should go back to thailand and cambodia or to sumatra with silvia.

but circumstances came up, and coming home was the right thing to do.

the transition for the girls and i has been interesting. it took lili about three weeks to get over her jet lag and sleep on a normal schedule! she was going to bed around three in the afternoon, waking up at three in the morning asking for cereal--this went on for weeks, folks!

i thought that i would go into depression after coming home, but i have been surprisingly content! recently i've started to miss traveling a bit after seeing photos from some friends on facebook, but it's been sooo good to be surrounded my family and friends.

sorry that this has to be a short post, i have a busy day ahead of me. i do plan to return to blogging on an everyday basis, but i'll have to use random old pictures as the lens to my camera broke our last week in asia and the android tablet that i instagram with is also in the shop for repairs.

hope you all keep following along with our lives.....

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