the girls are on the mend- praise God!

it's been a rough couple of days with them both being sick. they aren't quite 100% themselves just yet, but able to keep fluids down and eat a little bit here and there! so we're still just laying low in malacca. 

the first night they were sick was insane! i spent the whole night up holding a bag over ama's mouth and breastfeeding lili for comfort. i'm guessing that i slept about an hour that night- we were all exhausted the next morning. 

when you're traveling alone with two little girls and they get sick, you don't have an extra person to run to the store for you to pick up crackers and gatorade (if they even have gatorade in malaysia), and you don't have an extra hand to care for one girl while you care for the other. but we always survive and God always provides a helping hand. my helping hand came in the form of a kind polish traveler, sebastian.

i had no idea how i was going to get the girls medicine and something for them to eat. i would never leave them at the hostel to run out for things, and they were too sick to go out.

i knew that i was going to have to ask someone for help.

the first person i thought of was the mysterious eastern european guy whose room is on the way to the bathroom. he heard us going back and forth down the hall when the girls were throwing up -before i decided that we were just going to go plastic bag over the mouth route- and came out of his room to ask if they were okay. i figured i could ask him for help since he seemed concerned for the girls the night before, and the french guy whose room is right next to ours just rolled is eyes and walked away when he saw them throwing up- i knew he wasn't going to help. 

i went to sebastian's room and the first thing he asked was how the girls were. i told him that they were still pretty sick and that i would need his help, then asked if he could go to the store for me. he replied, "i was going to suggest that last night..."

he went to the store and got what i needed, went the the pharmacy to get the girls rehydrating salts to put in their water -that they wouldn't drink- and brought me back food i didn't ask for. i had been soo concerned about the girls that i hadn't even thought about eating. he said, "i figured you hadn't eaten and brought you some roti and curry..." then gave me some tips on helping the girls get better and said that he would stay around the hostel incase we needed anything else. 

there is still goodness in the world, folks.

he later brought us bananas and curry chicken eat, also Sprite for the girls to see if they would drink it with the rehydrating salts. 

God cares for me and these little girls. i've had soo many amazing people help us along the way during this journey- i'll have to write about all of them one day. we met most them we before i had a blog...

yesterday was the first night we were able to leave the hostel in a couple of days, and the first time i was able to take a shower... the girls still don't have very strong appetites and weren't ready to try eating until later in the evening. we decided to go on a little walk near where we are staying as i didn't want to exhaust them with too much walking or activities. we found a stand selling watermelon and juice; well, it wasn't juice it was 'drank'- you know, sugar, water, fruit flavor and food coloring! i swear we'll get back to our healthy eating habits when we're back in the states! 

the girls ate their watermelon while sitting on a little bridge overlooking the river. there was great weather, beautiful surroundings and they didn't throw everything the ate back up- perfection. we then went to look for the little indian restaurant where sebastian had gotten our roti. the girls have fallen in love with roti -ama says it's just like naan- and it seems to be gentle on their tummies. then it was off for popsicles. i know, drank and popsicles in one evening. help us, Lord. 

after dinner we found a little park and they played a bit. not their usual high energy, aggressive play-just a little sliding, then we went on a ferris wheel ride. after being inside a room for a few days, this was just what the doctor ordered. 

we are all healing over this way; the girls in their bodies and me in my heart. healing from the past few years of broken friendships, vicious in-laws, family betrayals- many disappointments. i am grateful for a God who heals and restores. i can't wait to see what's to come- it's going to be amazing!

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