these girls come first

i had this great post planned about our incredible experiences last night.

the new people that we met, people we came across again from previous journeys, the perfect weather, the amazing act of human kindness shown to us; the moment this rush of gratitude come over my being when it hit me that me and my little girls were strolling down the streets of this beautiful little town in malaysia.

it was going to be a great, i swear. 

but then my babies got sick. and when your babies get sick, not only do you change the blog post you wanted to write, you change your whole world for them. 

pai, thailand. october 2012

today i wanted to get up early, go get our bus tickets back to kuala lumpur, explore the city one last time, pack and be ready to leave for KL tomorrow so we could make it back in time to visit a compassion house for orphans with our new friends. but lili just wouldn't wake up.

i thought it was because they had such an action packed night and they stayed up late watching kung fu panda. she finally woke up around 10am, then went right back to sleep and didn't wake-up until 2:00pm. she seemed fine, though i found it odd that she slept for so long. she asked for milk, i gave it to her, then about ten minutes later she threw it all up. since then, she's thrown up everything she's drank or attempted to eat. 

ama was fine earlier, then she also started vomiting a few hours after lili. i'll be honest and say that i didn't believe ama when she first told me her tummy was hurting.

sorry, but if you know my little ama, then you know that she has a flair for the dramatic.

she told me earlier that she was jealous that lili was sick and getting a lot of attention, and soon after started coming up with ailments such as tooth aches for fever reducing medicine. ama is just that little girl who loves taking medicine; on any given day you may just catch her walking around with the thermometer in her ear, checking to see if she has a temperature. i love my child.  ama didn't "seem" sick, but just to make her feel better i told her that if she felt like she was going to throw up, let me know and we'd run to the bathroom. about an hour later she started screaming that she needed to go to the bathroom to throw up, but did it all over our room floor.

i've had to stop writing this post at least three times to hold a bag over her mouth...

we're not leaving for KL tomorrow; we'll stay in malacca in our room until these little girls are better. 

we'll be watching lots of dora and praying they can keep fluids down. 

one day, i'll write that amazing post i promised you.

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