another chill day

so this post definitely isn't "vaginas for sale"- i never had time to write that post yesterday.

i've had people asking me when i was going to finish it, and i promise it will be soon. for those of you who are afraid/offended by its title, it's not a sexually explicit piece- just my thoughts concerning the exploitation of women in poorer nations by western men. that's all.

no need to question my salvation over it. 

yesterday was a pretty chill day. i had a few things that i needed to get done so we didn't have any adventure time. but honestly, no matter what we do turns into an adventure! 

we started the day with with our normal routine: breakfast and kung fu panda. i did our laundry, picked up the girls' mess in our room and the little ladies watched episodes of wild kratts on itunes to keep themselves busy. it was raining on and off during the day, so it was a good thing that we didn't get out early.

lili was having another crabby day. she was crying for just about everything; one minute she wanted to take a bath, the next minute she didn't want to take one. she randomly pooped in the morning in the diaper she wore to bed (i potty trained her when we were in thailand, but she wears diapers for bed), and cried because she didn't want me to take the diaper off of her.

she cried about what wild kratts episode they watched, and if i asked her to do anything she responded, "NEVER!!!!". i love her. she slept pretty well the night before, but i think was still tired from the other sleepless nights. 

once lili finally agreed to get a bath and her hair combed, we went to our indian place for dinner. the girls had their daily doses of roti and masala.

when we were eating lili looks at me and said,"oops, i peed in my diaper!"...but lili wasn't wearing a diaper! she was just having an off day- we all have those. after dinner, it was off to ride a few rides at an arcade that we'd noticed a few days earlier.

the arcade was pretty old school; a few old rides, video games, a bunch of old men and women in the back chain smoking and playing what i think were slot machines. we stayed and played for a bit, then i needed to find some shampoo and conditioner- remember my hair was nasty dirty. i found a little store in a strip mall that sold shampoo, but no conditioner. by this time it started pouring rain and we had no umbrella.

while we were waiting for the rain to stop ama says to me, "too bad we don't wear hijab because if we did, we could walk in the rain and our hair wouldn't get wet..."

i love how culturally aware my girls are. 

we just hung out for awhile waiting for the rain to stop and found a little store that sold make-up. i bought some new "m.a.c." eye shadow and gel eyeliner. i knew you could buy counterfeit handbags, but i guess you can get make-up as well!

the girls also each got free eyeshadow from one of the ladies who worked at the store. they weren't behaving very well and i told them that i would't buy them the anything. ama started to cry and the lady gave them eyeshadow! she was like, "oh, baby, don't cry auntie will buy it for you..." it was sweet, but at the same time frustrating because i'm trying to teach the girls that if they don't behave they can't have special things...and then ama cries because she can't have the eyeshadow, and the lady gives it to them.

URG! but at least i know that girls are loved in malaysia!

i finally found shampoo and conditioner, but at 7-11. we walked home, i put the girls to bed and was finally able to wash my hair. i love clean hair; the way it smells and bounces just puts my heart at ease. i should wash my hair more often. it's just hard to do in asia; the shampoos and conditioners don't work well on my hair, so i just wait until i absolutely have to do it. 

it's thursday evening in malaysia now, and we had another lovely day that i'll write about tomorrow. our friends from kuala lumpur, zealmurshidah, and their sweet daughter, munirah are in malacca for the weekend. we were able to spend some time with them tonight and we'll all go to a fruit farm together tomorrow.

we love this family soo much and it was great to be with them again! 

i also wanted to thank everyone who's been reading the blog!

your love and support mean the world to us! feel free to write me with any questions you may have, i do write back! 

and last, but not least, i must say: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MIAH!!!! i love and miss you SOOO much! you are more than a friend, you are my sister. i am SOO blessed that God place someone like you in my life! 

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