We Made it to the Zoo

we finally made it to the zoo yesterday!

we saw sebastian at breakfast and the girls asked if they could invite him also. they asked and he accepted the invitation! 

the girls really like sebastian.

maybe because of the kindness he showed us when they were sick, or that he always puts on "kung fu" panda for them while they eat breakfast. either way, they love him! whenever they see him they're like, "hey, sebastian!"or if we go get roti ama will say, "we should get some for sebastian..."

he really is an interesting person who always has these master oogway-type responses to things. i remember a few days after arriving at the hostel, i was on the rooftop getting our laundry and saw sebastian hanging his. i gave him the clips and hangers that i had been using and told him that his laundry would dry faster if he hung it in the sun. he calmly responded, "i'm not in a hurry..." smiled and then walked away. 

i was like, "whoa...he's a zen mater!" lol

he wants to buy land in a forest in poland and have a sustainable farm.

if he was a christian, i would hook him up with one of my good friends, heather. they'd have a ton in common. he's good peeps. 

sebastian can now add spending a day at the zoo in malaysia with an insanely crabby lili to his list of adventures; some of which include living in calcutta, india, hitchhiking around europe and spending six months at a buddhist monastery in thailand. 

lili had another crazy sleep night and we both barely slept.

maybe it was too much to try to take her to the zoo. she spent most of the time crabby, yelling that she wanted to see the lions and screaming at people- it was a it out of control! they are amazing travelers, but kids nonetheless. she did have times when she was in a good mood; she was excited to see the crocodiles, the birds and lions, of course. i didn't get to take many pictures of the day because she was just too crabby.

we all still had a good time, though, walking around looking at the animals, and then we got caught in a rain storm! good thing we were still at the zoo and found shelter in the reptile center- my hair just wouldn't have been able to survive the downpour! 

lili had a COMPLETE breakdown when we passed the playground and i told her that she couldn't play.

so was sooo sleepy. it was still raining and the playground was soaked from the heavier rain, but how do you explain that to an already feisty two year-old who barley slept the night before and needed to eat? it took her awhile to clam down, and i had to walk around while singing to her. this really sweet girl came and started fanning her with her fan! thankfully, she fell asleep by the time our bus came.

we all stopped and ate at the indian place we love. ama decided that she loves the roti there SOO much, that she had to ask one of the guys who work there for the recipe. he had no idea what she was taking about, and it was ADORABLE to witness!

sebastian was a bit in awe at how everyone responds to the girls.

he asked if people love them where ever we go- i told him pretty much. it's amazing to travel through asia with your children; everyone responds so warmly to the girls and instantly become like aunts and uncles to them. having them with me actually opens up soo many doors to meet great people, and interact with the culture around us in a very personal way. 

later when we got back to the hostel we found out that the new couple that had checked in the other day was from minneapolis- small world! the girls watched "kung fu" panda -again- got baths and ate special tarts that howard bought for them.

oh! and a family with a four year-old little girl from the maldives checked in last night- the girls had a blast playing with her.

today's exciting agenda is as followed:

  1. wash my hair- it's nasty dirty.
  2. do laundry. 
  3. keep the girls from screaming at each other.
  4. write the other blog post i had planned, "vaginas for sale".
  5. figure out where the girls and i will go next.

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