pura vida!

A hot day in Costa Rica

today was a chill day. the girls woke up at the crack of dawn (as usual) and wanted to go swim. they spent about three hours in the pool this morning, then we ate our simple breakfast of toast, fresh watermelon and pineapple out in the sunshine.

after spending half the morning outside swimming and eating, we came inside and the girls spent some time coloring and watching the disney channel en español. we don't have cable at home, so it was a treat for them to watch a few shows.

the girls are doing really well using their spanish; ama has been collecting colones, the local currency, just so she can barter with vendors!

later, we decided to go into town to explore. it's super hot here and the girls could not resist putting their feet in the ocean at the edge of town.

we spent some time playing at the beach, eating over-priced snow cones and typical costa rican meals. we ended up walking past a little shop that had a couple of rides in it- you know the ones you see outside of the grocery store- they decided that they could spare some their colones to take a few spins.

after that, we came back the the apartment and the girls decided to take one last dip in the pool for the night...in their undies of course! ;)

we've got some exciting plans for the next few days...i can't wait to share them with you!

¡hasta pronto!

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