i'm not one who normally makes new year's resolutions.

maybe because i know that i won't actually keep them, but this year i wanted to challenge myself to make goals and let others know about them as a way to keep myself accountable.

here's a list a some of my goals for 2017:

1. self care! i go, go, go as a mother, and i need to stop and be more intentional about doing things for myself. motherhood doesn't overwhelm me, but i think that it's important to hold on to my own self and interests as well.

2. build this blog. it's been a dream of mine to be a full-time blogger for years now, and i really want to work hard this year to peruse this dream. i'm not giving up my grad schools plans for this anytime soon, but people actually earn a living from blogging these days! DREAM! my realistic goals for building the blog are: writing at LEAST two post per week- eventually transitioning into writing everyday- investing the money into the process, connect with other bloggers and continuing researching how to make it grow.

3. watch youtube videos to learn to use photoshop.

4. pray EVERYDAY. before becoming a mother, prayer was a way of life for me. these days, i don't have hours to spend in that "quiet place," but i can dedicate at least 30 mins to connecting with God. and no, i haven't been good at keeping up with it...

5. read the bible EVERYDAY. read above and replace "prayer" with "bible reading" and it's the same story.

6. read more poetry and literature that i love.

7. go to at least five new countries. i spent the first week of january in denmark and sweden, so i guess technically i only have three more to go!

8. less time on facebook.

9. more quality time with the kids. i spend A LOT of time with them, and we do a lot of projects and outings, but i want to make sure that as the girls are getting older, i am spending quality time with each of them to build closeness and a continued open relationship. quality time is especially important to ama, and i want to be sure that i am giving them quality and not just quantity.

10. read a parenting book. as the girls are getting older, parenting is becoming more challenging. i want to have a healthy balance of boundaries and rules along with them being fierce and powerful. also, i want to read a book about raising boys- a subject that i am clueless on.

11. get a beautiful photo shoot done with the kids! i've been trying to make it a point to take more photos of myself -i'm the one always taking the pictures- and i really want to take professional ones with nasi and the girls.

12. buy more things for myself. really, i use to be SOOO good at this! before having children, you'd never have to convince me that i should spend money on me! i had (have) a thing for expensive make-up and nice clothes, but none of that seemed to matter anymore once i had my babies! i gladly give all that i have to them -ok, and to travel!- but i do need to buy nice for myself as well.

[this] lipstick is calling my name, and i'm going to spend $30 on it...guilt free!

13. finish old craft projects. i have a quilt that i started back when lili was about seven months old that i need to finish. so, um, yeah... i want to get into the habit of finishing things that I've started, and to make sure that i'm teaching the kids this same thing. i'm making it a point to enforce that they finish books that they've started reading, even if they find them "boring."

14. learn a new craft. crochet will be first, and then maybe weaving or macramé. i'll stay realistic and aim for crocheting.

15. plant a vegetable garden. i FINALLY have a big yard with the space to do so- who wants to help me get started?!

16. only surround myself with loving and supportive people.

17. the most cliché goal of all: exercise.

18. find a place to volunteer.

19. laugh more. because, well, no one can ever have enough laughter in their life!

20. save more money.

21. connect with friends more often in real life, and not just on facebook.

what are your some of your goals for 2017, and how can i help keep you accountable?

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