happy international women's day! ¡feliz día internacional de la mujer!

happy international women's day!

i was going to share a story of some remarkable woman somewhere in the world, but then decided to honor my own powerhouse ladies! it's no secret that i love these girls will all of my heart; even when they're driving me all kinds of crazy, life would be unbearable without them! they are strong, creative, courageous, powerful, artistic, brilliant, giving, unapologetically beautiful, fierce, gentle yet wild, empathetic, driven, passionate, globally-minded and so much more!

their ability to care deeply for those around the world despite one's race, religion, nationality or ethnic background gives me hope for the future! and, also, their desire to follow Jesus' command to treat others the way they want to be treated- even when it's hard to do (because trust me, it is!) - is admirable.

watch out, world, because these ladies are ready to rock you!

¡feliz día internacional de la mujer!

who are the women that you are honoring today?


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