Pursue Old Dreams

In 2009, I was still working at An elementary school and Ama was just one year old.

I remember wanting to make “cool” baby bibs for her because I didn’t want to pay $15 for all the ones I saw online.

Tulum, México.

Tulum, México.

I googled “how to sew a baby bib” and discovered the world of mommy blogs; I was instantly sucked in and whisked away into lands of seemingly perfect motherhood. I encountered mothers who, like me, wanted to fill their children's lives with love and creativity. 

I was so inspired and refreshed by many of these women, and while I could find common ground with them, none of these families looked like mine. 
— Iliah, Negra Bohemian

I was raising bilingual and multicultural children as socially active followers of Jesus. As a traveler, I didn't fit the mold of most Christian mothers, and didn't have any desire to pretend to be something that I wasn't.

At the time, I couldn't find any blogs with mothers of color who traveled, let alone budget family travelers of any race. I searched for moms speaking on social justice issues who also did craft projects with their kids—that quest came up empty. Were there any women out there speaking about the often hard realities of life? Were there any out there, like me, who didn't have perfect mother-in-laws who loved and adored them? 

I thought that maybe, just maybe, there was a community of folks out there who were similar to me.  Maybe, just maybe, they needed a voice like mine. 

I had the wild idea to start a blog of my own.

A blog where I could speak and display my creative passions. A blog to share my faith and travels; a space to share my heart for justice and the oppressed. A space to be honest with the ups and downs of life and to encourage families to travel the world.

I've been planning all this since 2009.

I did start a blog in 2012 but didn't keep up with it, and I had a long list of reasons as to why I didn't.

Some of these reasons were because of deep life challenges; other reasons were petty like not having "cool" blog design. 

I don't have that excuse anymore. 

My new blog is absolutely beautiful; it’s so stunning that I literally cried the first time I saw it. It's the kind of space I always dreamed of writing on, and it’s been a surreal experience. 

This is more than just a blog to me; it symbolizes victory over what seemed like defeat. It is the awakening of a dream that I purposely tried to kill for a reason that I am not yet ready to share. 

It is literally beauty for many ashes. 

I am so beyond thankful to be able to type these words here and to have people read them.

All is not lost.

There is always hope.

Weeping may last for a night, but joy will come in the morning! 

Nearly ten years later, there are plenty of mom bloggers of color out there. There are also many families who are traveling the world with their children and inspiring the masses to do so.

Even with these realities, I know that my voice is still needed. 

Breathe life unto your old dreams and passions because it's never too late to do so.  There is a time for every season under heaven, and this may very well be your time. 


Are you pursuing an old dream that you let die, or coming out of a challenging season in life?





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